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All the offered shoes I wore long time and they also look accordingly.


Leather very sweaty ballerinas shoes

Ballerinas shoes are bought in Dubai market, they are made of peacock leather sewn beads. I wore them in 50-degree buckets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so they are very sweaty. Then they went through the summer in the Czech Republic with me, so they are really very worn out.


Really stinky sneakers

I wore these sneakers barefoot, mainly for sports, so they feel very significantly accordingly. Thanks to the rubber insole, the feet sweat very quickly and create the desired effect of a sweaty shoe.


Black ballerina shoes

I have these ballerina shoes for many years and they have been my favorites. Because they are suede, they were very comfortable. Feet were warm and sweaty in the ballerina shoes. I often got wet in them, so my feet were steamed. Ballerinas shoes are now strongly felt after sweaty feet.