Dita as a businesswoman with stink

Filming took place on Sunday, where we incorporated our business with socks. I (Dita), Charle and our authentic goods - very stinky socks - played there. Footfetishfamily specializes in a wide range of products, but the most interesting and diverse are the socks. Charle had the opportunity to try on his own nose the difference between socks worn for a week or a month. Moon worn socks have their distinctive aroma, which can already be felt through their cover.

As our VIP client, Charle could even try on socks right on my beautiful and sweaty feet, which I put on his face and nose. I think you really enjoyed this purchase. In the end, I allowed him to massage and kiss my feet. It's something that is very pleasant for me, so sometimes I allow some of my clients for an extra charge. I think that satisfaction is then on both sides.