Filming in the pharmacy - Dita

Some time ago, I shot a video at the pharmacy for website It was very since I was filming with a new Spanish colleague. He played the role of a pharmacist, whom I was supposed to teach, but I didn't know English and I abused that he didn't understand me either. I drugged him with obedience and then forced him to worship my beautiful feet. First we let him take my sweaty feet out of my ballerina shoes and he could smell how beautifully fragrant and sweaty they are. Next my sexy soles massaged me, which I really liked. That's why it occurred to me that he could use his tongue and kiss and lick my feet. He had a very nimble and soft tongue, so I really enjoyed it. I especially liked running his tongue between my fingers and sucking my toes. He enjoyed sucking my toe and bit me lightly here and there. It was a very pleasant shoot and I enjoyed every touch of his tongue on my soles. He certainly also liked the smell of my sweaty feet, which have their beautiful aroma and taste.


with love Dita